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About Sage


I grew up with the Tarot, as my Dad read the cards as well! In my parent’s homes, growing up it was common to discuss people’s astrological signs, numerology and Past lives and the like. For my family, it was all just par for the course. There were tons of books in both my parent’s homes, they had interesting books on Tarot, Astrology, Numerology, Dream Symbolism, Meditation & so much more!

I began my own path as a Tarot card reader, in my mid-teen years.  I actually first learned the traditional way, by learning how to read playing cards first, then I learned Tarot and later on Palmistry. Like many professional readers, my very first readings were for family & friends, eventually, I began doing professional readings for clients. Now, over 20 years later, I have done thousands of private readings, and private party events!

I find that the Tarot can provide useful guidance and clarity on those patterns unfolding within your life right now!  I use a variety of tarot spreads and other methods that can help provide this clarity. If you need an answer to a specific question, I have many spreads that can help provide insight. These spreads can help for questions about Love, Money, Health, Home & Family and much more. If you want a general outlook of where things are headed, I also utilize methods that can provide a view of the next 3 months ahead, Or even the next year ahead!